Manor 12 Months

We invite you to the wonderful world of cosiness and tranquility!
Feel the most intimate romance of the Carpathian Mountains in all its possible manifestations!

   The estate "12 Months" is located in the heart of the Carpathians, on one of the picturesque hills. Around you are the summits, mountain valleys, the river, trails for walks, places for picnics, fountains, berries, mushrooms and valuable herbs. If you want to enjoy the Carpathian beauty in full, to get well, to rest from the bustle, to try the unsurpassed taste of mountain berries, to feel the influx of incredible energy and strength, to take walks through the protected forests, and perhaps to conquer the peaks of the mountains, then this rest is for you! Take a step to meet rest and health!

   Chalet style four-storey wooden house. This style is a symbol of simplicity, comfort and warmth, it is practical and at the same time beautiful, despite its simplicity and some rudeness.
Rooms are decorated with clean natural materials (wood, flax, etc.) and have their own bathroom (hot and cold water). The drinking water runs to the estate from a higher natural source. All rooms have TVs, satellite TV and internet access. Some have a balcony.
   From each window, your eyes will admire only the smoky mountains, mighty pines and fires, clear sky and somewhere where traces of human life.

We recommend to go to the section "Entertainment" on our site. There is a lot of information about what to do in our region.

The estate capacity is 9 rooms

Service for vacationers:
- parking
- a gazebo
- Children's playground
- guests can relax in the common lounge
- Satellite TV
- internet
- billiards
- sauna
- delicious homemade cuisine

Mobile coverage: only Kyivstar

Booking prices through the site are slightly increased. Therefore, we recommend booking by phone.

Phone for bookings:
+38 067 304 2647
+38 066 308 2129