How to get here?

Road cover type

Everywhere an asphalted road. Only the last 200 m is a rubble. You can reach by any car.

By car

Not far from the village of Mislivka (after the 28th kilometer mark), turn left at the sign of the "12 Months". Drive about 1,5 km, following the signs of the "12 Months" on the pillars.

Placing an estate on Google Maps

By train

To the railway station in one of these cities:
- Valley (29 km from the hotel)
- Stry (60 km from the hotel)
- Ivano-Frankivsk (80 km from the hotel)
- Lviv (138 km from the hotel).

Then take one of the shuttle buses passing through the village of Myslivka or take a taxi and go to the estate.

By bus

There are regular bus services that pass through the village of Mislivka. You need to get out of the bus without reaching the village (next to the 12-month Manor marker). Then walk 1,5 km to the estate, following the signs on the pillars.

Regular transportation passing through the village of Myslivka:
- Lviv-Khust
- Lviv-Tyachiv
- Lviv-Solotvyno
- Kiev-Khust

For a complete list of bus routes and schedules of bus traffic, please visit: